before my winter concert Listen to my latest  
MP3 recordings!!

New-- Bartok Rhapsody No.2
with Maya and Linda

New--Bruch G minor 1st Mvmt

Mozart Sonata
KV 377 MP3

Rehearsal with Olga Rua on piano
and Maya on violin

Corelli Op.5 No.7 MP3
Or listen in streamed RealAudio
(Windows: right click if you
want to download straight onto your
computer; Mac: OPT+ click)

New--Stravinsky Suite
Italienne MP3
(20' 12.8 MB)
Or listen in streamed RealAudio
Cheltenham Xb (RealAudio)  or MP3
rehearsal with Anna Gale on cello

My Musical Diary

winter poster2006
New--Winter Concert

Download the PDF of the
Winter Concert poster.

Winter Concert
Poster 2005

| Olga |

Summer Concert

Spring Concert

Spring Concert
Program at

Listen to MP3 of my NEW 2005 audition tape
Listen in Streamed RealAudio to audition tape

( 8.3 MB )

I am playing the Allegro from the Mozart Concerto No. 4,
the Scherzino and the Minuetto and Finale from Stravinsky's
Suite Italienne, and the first two page (or six stanzas)
of the Bach Cacconne.

A picture of my playing
Vivaldi Summer at the
concert at the Cerisano
(Italy) Music Course

A picture of Adelia
and me at the Cerisano
(Italy) Music Course

My student, Eileen!

My pics from Soundfest...Summer 2004!
Violinists @
Coffee O.
Colorado Quartet
members Julie, Marka,
and Debbie
The gang at
Aliza's suprise
Claire, Allison
and Abby having
a laugh
  Warped Bow Crease-man
& Co.
Me @ Surf
Drive Beach

Listen to my 2003 Interlochen audition CD:

I am playing Opus 5 Sonata No. 8 by Arcangelo Corelli
with my guitar accompanist Ed Levy and I am also playing
the first two (Dance with Sticks and Waistband Dance)
Roumanian Dances by Bela Barto'k
To listen to the link above, you must have QuickTime.
(This file is about 1.9 Mb)

Interlochen Pics 2003

Joshua Bell and I!!!

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