My Homework from Oak Meadow Schools

Shocking: Where are all these conservative teens coming from?

Scary Story
War has killed two million children in the last decade alone.
Four million children have become disabled and hundreds
of thousands serve as child soldiers. Nearly half of all
refugees worldwide are under 18, and across the globe,
an estimated 25 million children have been uprooted
from their homes as a result of war...

My homework from the end of May:
The Many Women of Violin

My homework from the first week of April:
My English creative writing

from beginning of March:
Paper on the teacher, Gail Spencer;
My short essay on Habitat for Humanity

from middle of February:
Request to make an Anti-War resolution in Toledo, OH

My Homework from the last week of January:
President Bush's State of the Union  

A picture of my 8th grade teacher, Harlie Lesniak