About Nancy Crego . . .

Nancy Crego is certified as an Alexander
Technique Teacher by the Urbana Center
for the Alexander Technique
Illinois), where she trained for three years
with Joan and Alex Murray. She is an active
member of the American Society for the
Alexander Technique, AmSAT
(formerly NASTAT).

In addition, Nancy has two Masters Degrees,
one in English and the other in Linguistics and
the Teaching of English as a Second Language
(TESL). She also worked on a PH.D in
Comparative Arts where she continued her
studies in music and piano.

Nancy began working as a teacher of the
technique in the Northwest Ohio area in
the spring of 1993.  

My Teaching Schedule

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doing and you are half way home."

For futher information about lessons in the Technique,
you can e-mail Nancy directly at nancy@at-toledo.com