Concert at the Wildwood Manor House

         Thursday, October 28, 2004
                      7:30 PM

                          Played by
     The Cheltenham Performance Circle

Part I

Vivaldi: L'Autunno/Autumn soloist Maya Bennardo
J.S. Bach: Partita No. 1
Corelli: Op. 5 No. 7
Ives: Vote for Names

Le cercle petit w/ *Eileen Iannone*
         -Crego: Old Joe

Crego: Cheltenham Double Duo VIII


Part II

Stravinsky: Suite Italienne
w/ Maya Bennardo (violin)
and Linda Smith (piano)

Crego: Move Over
Crego: Tenpenny
from the Trillium Collection

Cheltenham Performers...
Maya Bennardo, Claire
Hoover, Jonathan Smith,
Ted Bell, Trang Nguyen,
Anna Gale, and Eileen

A special thanks to Linda Smith on piano
And a special thanks to Craig's Piano for the loan of an electric harpsichord